Castaway is one of the best all time movies ever….


It’s kind of interesting how the love of God can blind you, yet it can open your eyes to see the world and its inhabitants as never before. For the past two months, I have lived away from home and have been serving in a community I previously never knew existed. I worked in areas completely foreign to the type of communities I have known. God’s love completely opened my eyes this summer to see people, yet blinded me to the differences between us that would typically cause my fleshly nature to turn away from them. He blinded me to the differences found in race, cultures, intelligence levels, ages, and behavioral patterns. This summer God, taught me that to truly love people, one must see past the exterior and look through God’s eyes to see a person for the valuable creation they are. Once God changed my mindset, I was then able to step into the worlds of the people I encountered and build relationships with them. Now the hard part is saying goodbye. But, I guess that’s where faith steps in. The summer missionaries and I must have faith that God will continue to work here in Brunswick and that the seeds planted will continue to grow. I refuse to believe that God would bring us here and carry us through the summer, only to allow the work here to cease in our absence. We must remember that God loves the kids and adults here even more than we do.

I am very grateful for the time I have spent here. I was able to make several friends and learned that I want to continue doing ministry for the rest of my life. What that looks like, I’m not sure yet. I was really encouraged by a lady I met at the nursing home we went to today. I know that when we go to ministry sites (like the nursing home) we are technically suppose to be the ones ministering to the residents, however, I’m pretty sure God set up this divine appointment because she ministered to me. From her I learned that ultimately our physical bodies aren’t as important as the world makes them seem. It is the condition of our hearts and minds that matter in the eyes of God. However, that being said, she cautioned me to take care of my body because God has given it to me as a tool to serve Him. She amazed me. Instead of sitting around complaining about her lack of mobility, this lady sought opportunities to serve others and share the love of Christ. I tell you this story about the woman because the final thing she said to me was this: “I’m praying for you that God would give you the desires of your heart.” At the moment, her comment seemed to come out of nowhere, however, reflecting back upon the past summer I can see why God prompted her to share that with me. Ever since I got saved, I have wanted to work in ministry and serve the Lord. In a way that desire has been fulfilled this summer, yet it has also intensified. Her words reminded me that God would not give me a desire to serve others and love on people and not fulfill it.

In closing, I want to thank everyone who has prayed for my team and the Brunswick community this summer. I also want to encourage you that sometimes God places desires in your heart for a reason, and He will use those desires to bring Him glory. The God we serve is awesome and fully worthy of all praise.

God bless,

Carson Gregors

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I wonder if the Chicken Marina is any good?


Hey guys!

This is my last blog post, holy cow where has the time gone? Last week was my last time at shady and it took all I had not to cry telling all the kids goodbye. They have my heart and I love them all so much. God has definitely taught me about His love this summer. The love I have for those kids doesn’t even begin to compare to the love He has for them and for me. This week will be my last week at Glynn Place for the summer and I am dreading Thursday night when I have to tell those kids goodbye too. We haven’t been to Glynn place for a few weeks and when we pulled up on Sunday to do publicity they ran to the car shouting our names and gave us the biggest hugs ever. I love my job.

I wanted to say a huge thanks to my parents for encouraging me to spend my summer away even though I know how badly they wanted me to be at home. I have the best mom and dad ever and I am so thankful for their love. Also I want to thank everyone who prayed for the ministry and for the work we do. Thank you to all of my friends who prayed for me as well. This summer has shown me that my God is so strong and I couldn’t have gotten through the summer without Him. God is so good and I am so excited to start this next school year and see what else He has in store. Again thank you for the prayers. Thanks for reading.


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Hey Alex, the point is to keep it inside the bumpers…


It’s hard to believe I have spent the last two months of my life in Brunswick, Georgia. At first, the summer seemed to be full of endless days and countless opportunities to share the Gospel. Now, my coworkers and I count down ministry site hours, dreading the reality that our time here is coming to a close. I have learned so much this summer. Sure, there are several people and instances that stand out in my mind, however, the thing that amazes me the most is how through this summer, God has fulfilled a desire to do ministry that I have had since I become a believer back in middle school. Everyone back home knows how badly I have wanted to work with inner city kids. It’s cool how God placed that desire in my heart from a young age, and now I’m living it out.

The hardest part of summer ministry programs is leaving. Although I am greatly sadden by the fact that I may never see certain kids again, my heart is lightened knowing that several of the children we have ministered to over the summer did accept Christ as their Savior. This summer has been the greatest experience of my life so far! Since I’m an English major, I tend to avoid cliché sayings, however, I can’t deny the truth of this one: “Time flies when you’re having fun!” The real trick will be to get the approaching school year to fly by as well.

God bless,

Carson Gregors

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Hey guess what…you might need to check your hair…


Hey guys! We are almost to our last week. Holy cow it seems unreal. This week we have had our biggest groups. I got to work with Kathleen Baptist doing different projects and going different places every morning and doing at day camp at shady at night. We went to the pier on Monday in the morning and I had my doubts that it would be a success because f the time, but I am pretty sure we had one of the biggest turnouts ever. Over 30 kids were out there and we got a donation. They also did a great job at shady. I got the chance to pray with a little girl named Joanna when she asked Jesus to be in her heart. God is so good. Also this week we had a group from Center Hill Baptist church and I remember them from last year. It has been a joy to see familiar faces and to see them all again. Pray that God continues to tough hearts here and that we have the strength to push through our last week. I would stay here forever if I could and its too bad I can’t take all of these kids home with me. I plan on making the most of the time I have left here for this summer. Stay posted and thanks for reading.


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I’m a lot like Michael Jordan…


Hey y’all! The past two weeks have been super busy! We have had two salvations at McIntyre, David and RJ! It’s amazing to see kids that I’ve been around for 6 weeks accept Christ. We also had a salvation at Shady Acres, Nicholas!

Last Thursday was my 20th birthday! A special thank you to Garrett, Morgan and Carson for throwing me a surprise birthday party! They invited all of the friends I’ve made this summer! God definitely blessed me with the best! We had a dance party and then we played a little prank on Ephusus Baptist. Ephusus thought they were pranking me by spraying me with silly string when I walked outside, little did they know that the rest of the missionaries would be coming around the corner with bags of flour. It turned out to be an awesome prank and a lot of fun!

This week there are 3 different groups here, about 100 people total! I am working with Center Hill BC, we will be finishing up our ministry at McIntyre. It will be sad leaving all the kids on Friday, but I pray they continue to strive to learn about Jesus and living their life for him.

Please pray for my team along with myself as we head into our last two weeks here in Brunswick!

Until next time,

-Alex (:

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Is it already Morning?!?


This summer has been beyond incredible! My favorite part of this past week occurred during my time at Morning Star. After teaching a Bible study there on Tuesday, I had the opportunity to lead one of the girls to Christ. Not only did I see God work in that girl’s life, but I also saw how sovereign God is. He orchestrated each event that led up to the moment she accepted Jesus as her Savior. Had Tuesday gone as I had planned, then I don’t know if everything would have turned out the same. I guess that’s something I have learned a lot about this summer. God is in control, and He has a plan. God invites us to be a part of His plan, however, we can choose to willingly submit and trust Him or fight for our own will to be accomplished. Now I understand what Jesus was saying in Luke 9:23, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Sometimes, in order for God to be able to work through us, our own will must be broken. This is defiantly not fun, however, seeing God’s work being accomplished makes it worthwhile. God is so good, and He daily shows this to be true.

God bless,

Carson Gregors

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If it’s in your will Lord…


Hey guys! These last few weeks are flying by. We pretty much went everywhere last week and got to see all of our kids even if it was just for one day last week. We had a block party at Glynn Place and so many kids we had never seen before started coming out along with the ones that always do. Sentel is a little boy that I met last year and had a really special bond with. He is only four, but I am always telling him how much God loves Him. This time when I told Him that He said “Oh like I love you”. This made me so happy. My biggest prayer is that one day He will realize why I was there and why I was doing the work that I was. I love that kid so much and I know that God loves Him even more.

Last week was my first week at McIntyre in the mornings. I loved getting to know all of the kids that live there. I had the amazing opportunity to pray with a a little boy who asked Jesus into his heart. Praise the Lord for another brother in Christ. Pray that we have more kids to come to Christ. Pray for David as he begins his walk with Christ. God is so good and I cannot wait to see what else He will do while we are here. Stay posted and thanks for reading.


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