Hey guess what…you might need to check your hair…


Hey guys! We are almost to our last week. Holy cow it seems unreal. This week we have had our biggest groups. I got to work with Kathleen Baptist doing different projects and going different places every morning and doing at day camp at shady at night. We went to the pier on Monday in the morning and I had my doubts that it would be a success because f the time, but I am pretty sure we had one of the biggest turnouts ever. Over 30 kids were out there and we got a donation. They also did a great job at shady. I got the chance to pray with a little girl named Joanna when she asked Jesus to be in her heart. God is so good. Also this week we had a group from Center Hill Baptist church and I remember them from last year. It has been a joy to see familiar faces and to see them all again. Pray that God continues to tough hearts here and that we have the strength to push through our last week. I would stay here forever if I could and its too bad I can’t take all of these kids home with me. I plan on making the most of the time I have left here for this summer. Stay posted and thanks for reading.


IMG_4651 IMG_4482 IMG_4650 IMG_4648 IMG_4647 IMG_4646 IMG_4645 IMG_4644 IMG_4643 IMG_4641 IMG_4640 IMG_4635 IMG_4631 IMG_4630 IMG_4629 IMG_4628 IMG_4626 IMG_4622 IMG_4621 IMG_4618 IMG_4613 IMG_4612 IMG_4611 IMG_4609 IMG_4604 IMG_4601 IMG_4599 IMG_4598 IMG_4597 IMG_4591 IMG_4590 IMG_4589 IMG_4588 IMG_4585 IMG_4583 IMG_4581 IMG_4579 IMG_4578 IMG_4576 IMG_4574 IMG_4573 IMG_4572 IMG_4571 IMG_4568 IMG_4565 IMG_4562 IMG_4561 IMG_4560 IMG_4559 IMG_4558 IMG_4557 IMG_4556 IMG_4555 IMG_4554 IMG_4552 IMG_4549 IMG_4544 IMG_4542 IMG_4541 IMG_4540 IMG_4539 IMG_4538 IMG_4537 IMG_4535 IMG_4534 IMG_4533 IMG_4532 IMG_4531 IMG_4530 IMG_4529 IMG_4526 IMG_4522 IMG_4521 IMG_4517 IMG_4515 IMG_4512 IMG_4511 IMG_4510 IMG_4509 IMG_4508 IMG_4505 IMG_4503 IMG_4502 IMG_4501 IMG_4500 IMG_4499 IMG_4498 IMG_4497 IMG_4496 IMG_4495 IMG_4494 IMG_4493 IMG_4492 IMG_4491 IMG_4490 IMG_4488 IMG_4487 IMG_4486 IMG_4485


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