I wonder if the Chicken Marina is any good?


Hey guys!

This is my last blog post, holy cow where has the time gone? Last week was my last time at shady and it took all I had not to cry telling all the kids goodbye. They have my heart and I love them all so much. God has definitely taught me about His love this summer. The love I have for those kids doesn’t even begin to compare to the love He has for them and for me. This week will be my last week at Glynn Place for the summer and I am dreading Thursday night when I have to tell those kids goodbye too. We haven’t been to Glynn place for a few weeks and when we pulled up on Sunday to do publicity they ran to the car shouting our names and gave us the biggest hugs ever. I love my job.

I wanted to say a huge thanks to my parents for encouraging me to spend my summer away even though I know how badly they wanted me to be at home. I have the best mom and dad ever and I am so thankful for their love. Also I want to thank everyone who prayed for the ministry and for the work we do. Thank you to all of my friends who prayed for me as well. This summer has shown me that my God is so strong and I couldn’t have gotten through the summer without Him. God is so good and I am so excited to start this next school year and see what else He has in store. Again thank you for the prayers. Thanks for reading.


IMG_4875 IMG_4874 IMG_4871 IMG_4870 IMG_4869 IMG_4867 IMG_4866 IMG_4863 IMG_4862 IMG_4861 IMG_4860 IMG_4859 IMG_4858 IMG_4856 IMG_4855 IMG_4850 IMG_4842 IMG_4841 IMG_4840 IMG_4839 IMG_4838 IMG_4837 IMG_4836 IMG_4835 IMG_4834 IMG_4832 IMG_4830 IMG_4828 IMG_4826 IMG_4820 IMG_4818 IMG_4816 IMG_4815 IMG_4811 IMG_4808 IMG_4804 IMG_4803 IMG_4802 IMG_4800 IMG_4795 IMG_4788 IMG_4787 IMG_4785 IMG_4782 IMG_4781 IMG_4780 IMG_4779 IMG_4778 IMG_4777 IMG_4776 IMG_4773 IMG_4768 IMG_4766 IMG_4765 IMG_4764 IMG_4763


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