Castaway is one of the best all time movies ever….


It’s kind of interesting how the love of God can blind you, yet it can open your eyes to see the world and its inhabitants as never before. For the past two months, I have lived away from home and have been serving in a community I previously never knew existed. I worked in areas completely foreign to the type of communities I have known. God’s love completely opened my eyes this summer to see people, yet blinded me to the differences between us that would typically cause my fleshly nature to turn away from them. He blinded me to the differences found in race, cultures, intelligence levels, ages, and behavioral patterns. This summer God, taught me that to truly love people, one must see past the exterior and look through God’s eyes to see a person for the valuable creation they are. Once God changed my mindset, I was then able to step into the worlds of the people I encountered and build relationships with them. Now the hard part is saying goodbye. But, I guess that’s where faith steps in. The summer missionaries and I must have faith that God will continue to work here in Brunswick and that the seeds planted will continue to grow. I refuse to believe that God would bring us here and carry us through the summer, only to allow the work here to cease in our absence. We must remember that God loves the kids and adults here even more than we do.

I am very grateful for the time I have spent here. I was able to make several friends and learned that I want to continue doing ministry for the rest of my life. What that looks like, I’m not sure yet. I was really encouraged by a lady I met at the nursing home we went to today. I know that when we go to ministry sites (like the nursing home) we are technically suppose to be the ones ministering to the residents, however, I’m pretty sure God set up this divine appointment because she ministered to me. From her I learned that ultimately our physical bodies aren’t as important as the world makes them seem. It is the condition of our hearts and minds that matter in the eyes of God. However, that being said, she cautioned me to take care of my body because God has given it to me as a tool to serve Him. She amazed me. Instead of sitting around complaining about her lack of mobility, this lady sought opportunities to serve others and share the love of Christ. I tell you this story about the woman because the final thing she said to me was this: “I’m praying for you that God would give you the desires of your heart.” At the moment, her comment seemed to come out of nowhere, however, reflecting back upon the past summer I can see why God prompted her to share that with me. Ever since I got saved, I have wanted to work in ministry and serve the Lord. In a way that desire has been fulfilled this summer, yet it has also intensified. Her words reminded me that God would not give me a desire to serve others and love on people and not fulfill it.

In closing, I want to thank everyone who has prayed for my team and the Brunswick community this summer. I also want to encourage you that sometimes God places desires in your heart for a reason, and He will use those desires to bring Him glory. The God we serve is awesome and fully worthy of all praise.

God bless,

Carson Gregors

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